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Modern methods of utility finding require digging to attach electric devices to the utility just to find the next 20 feet. These methods don't identify nearby utilities, retired-in-place utilities, non-metalic utilities, nor broken and damaged wires or pipes. These time extensive methods can result in costly utility strikes.

Allow us to prevent those unnecessary costs using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) which is an accuracte, fast and high-resolution geophysical technique for subsurface investigation. It is non-invasive, non-destructive and completely safe. Also, GPR is the only non-intrusive method capable of accurately locating non-metallic subsurface features and utilities (eg. clay, concrete, fibreglass, PVC conduits or fiber-optic cables). Our company has experience with State and Federal Government contracting, has access to Military Installations, and has workers with Secret Clearances (JPAS). Additionally, We provide the following services in compliance with Dig Safely Hawai'i and APW Association at an unbeatable cost and highest reliability:

  • Find all buried infrastructure
  • Paint mark buried utilities
  • Provide GeoMap (kml/kmz file) overlays
  • Centimeter accuracy
  • Map abandoned utilities
  • Find fibre-optic cabling
  • 3D visualization for depth modeling
  • Military ground radar
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Electromagnetic detection
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Metal detection service
  • SinkHole locating
  • Lava tube locating
  • Solar utility locating
  • Hawaiian imu locating
  • Cesspool septic locating
  • Utility easement verification
  • Leak detection investigations
  • Fiber-optic cable locating
  • Crime Scene Investigation assistance
  • Key pot-hole service

Quick Comparison

Our cutting edge equipment, state-of-the-art software, and advanced location finding sets us apart from the competition. Our service is the only path moving forward to prevent costly strikes and outages due to the increasing number of utility services being introduced to market, retired in place, and moving to non-metalic jacketing. The future is now and our service is a necessity.

Service The Competition Pulse Utility
Paint mark buried utilities
Metal detection services
Location accuracy within a foot
Location accuracy within a centimeter
Locate all buried infrastructure
Provide GeoMap overlays (kml/kmz file)
3D visualization for depth modeling (CAD file)
Military base access with clearance
Fiber-optic cable locating
Lava tube locating
Hawaiian imu locating
Solar utility locating
Utility easement verification

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